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1415 N. Hudson Street Suite 300 Arlington, VA

Tel: (703) 527-1809
Fax: (703) 340-8518

In Cameroon:
(011) 237 2202 6115
(011) 237 9997 2116

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JD James & Company is a traditional merchant-banker. We formulate and execute financial and/or operational strategies that satisfy your enterprise needs. As a small privately owned firm our focus is always, exclusively, on you our customer/partner. Our principal market is West/Central Africa (Cameroon to Angola).

We are in the forefront of utilizing technology to accelerate communication and business process speed. However we believe fundamental values, which describe our services, remain constant.

As your advisor, we work to understand all of the financial, institutional and cultural elements that impact you. Only then can we assist in implementing the most appropriate plan of action.

Our philosophy is holistic but, our client and partner base is unique because, in an increasingly linked global environment, discretion is paramount. That sensitivity has always been best achieved through a small, focused firm. Further, as a privately owned firm, our measures for success are not driven by transaction size, transaction volume or, current environment.

JD James & Company seeks relationships with clients and partners who need objective, sophisticated, global solutions to financial and organizational issues. We have a particular expertise in transitional environments.

Our credo is simple: Strategy and Discipline.